The Healthcare industry has the constant need to understand patient conditions, quality of care and manage associated costs, while dealing with additional regulatory pressures.  As a result, big data analytics are required to manage this information effectively.  Much of the information in this industry is cyclical, requiring analysts to be able to access information from high level summaries all the way down to detail level claims and episode information while implementing PHI, HIPA and other regulation mandates for security. Triam consultants have worked extensively with some of the largest payer and provider organizations assisting Informatics and Actuarial groups to better understand and analyze the broad range of information sources identifying causal factors that can be addressed to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs. 

Properties in the gaming and hospitality industry often have a large amount of data in disparate systems.  In order to effectively mange the property and associated marketing initiatives, it is important to be able to integrate these sources.  From gaming systems, hotel management, retail stores, restaurants, event activity and loyalty membership information, the data must be brought together to give a 360 degree view of the property and its patrons. Organizations need to analyze patron characteristics to drive marketing initiative that drive profitable revenue. Triam consultants have worked extensively with several properties to help them consolidate their diverse information and design effective marketing campaign strategies to make the right offer, to the right people, at the right time driving positive experiences for the patrons and profitable initiatives for the property. 

Gaming and Hospitality

Food and Beverage

This industry is continually challenged to provide energy when it is needed.  This requires firms to have a grasp on both the future demand and future capacity needed to serve that demand.  With the time and cost of building infrastructure to maintain adequate supply and meet regulatory demands, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the data, both internally and externally, in order to service customers.  Triam consultants have industry RTO experience in conjunction with the FERC to help you answer the tough questions for energy production and consumption.


The Banking and Finance industry is an industry saturated with information. Customer care and call centers, marketing initiatives, risk management and regulatory compliance all add up to dealing with a large amount of data.  It is critical that processes are optimized for efficiency and accuracy in secure environments.  Big data technologies with highly diversified analytic capabilities are ideal for keeping this flood of information manageable.  Triam has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in these areas and can leverage our experience to help hone in on critical information to help you grow.

IndustrY Experience

Telecommunications is a competitive market space.  Companies therefore pay close attention to their call centers to get a pulse on customer experience with their products and services.  These call centers produce a large amount of data daily to sift through and analyze. Optimizing efficiency in both processing and presenting this information is critical to successfully understanding the customer experience.  Properly architecting the data structures and processes and utilizing big data technologies allow the business to succeed in its quest to analyze and maintain customer satisfaction.



The Food and Beverage industry covers a wide range of activities, from Point-Of-Sale to supply chain management.  In every case, understanding your data, predicting future demand, and managing costs are critical to your success.  Triam's expeience in this industry can help you get a big picture look and allow you to analyze the details that are contributing to your bottom line.

Banking and Finance